Dunolly and District

01 November, 2017

November 1 Nganko Nyawiyu

1861 Eddington Post Office opened.

 1882 Goldsborough school  building was completed.

 1883 A man named Adolphus James Fitzherbert was killed instantaneously yesterday, near Dunolly, by the limb of a tree falling upon him. The deceased was formerly a cavalry officer, and at one time was on Lord Gough's staff. In a letter to a friend, written a few days before the accident, be expressed the hope that "when his time came he would die straight, and not be doubled up like a codfish in a pot."

 1885 The Tarnagulla, Irishtown and Murphy's Flat Butter Factory celebrated their opening with a Gala Ball  with over 200 people attending this event.
Less than 3 years later it closed on 17/9/1888.

 1886 Mr Carewickham, aged 82, an old colonist who came from Tasmania with JP Fawkner on the Pickwick in 1837, died in the hospital.

 1928 Another Find Near Dunolly. 
DUNOLLY. -Excitement has been caused by a report that rich gold- bearing stone has been discovered by Davis and party, at Betley, just below the surface, near the Burnt Creek mine. Several claims have been pegged.

 1941 MONEY RAISED AT DUNOLLY.-Capt. L. M. Mltehcll and Mr. F. J. McCart visited Dunolly with a universal carrier and other mechanised equipment, and appealed for AIP recruits and war loan subscriptions. The sum of £200 was subscribed in amounts ranging from £10 to £50. Dunolly's quota for the loan is fixed at £2,000, and already £1,970 has been converted and £1.260 subscribed. In addition, residents have purchased £6,750 worth of war savings certificates.

October 31 Nganko Nyawiyu

1860 Dunolly Hospital, with 20 beds, was officially opened. A celebratory Grande Ball was held in Simpson’s Bendigo hotel.

 1865 The Shire of Talbot was proclaimed.

 1915 Last meeting of the Borough of Tarnagulla,  which was then incorporated into Bet Bet Shire and titled Tarnagulla Riding.

 1975 Betley & Bet Bet Post offices closed.

 2015 Dunolly and surrounding areas were hit by a large storm that included hail stones the size of golf balls; much damage to property was reported while the lawn bowls ended early with the men enjoying an early beer on the verandah as they watched the rinks turn white with hail.

30 October, 2017

October 30 Nganko Nyawiyu

1883 Mr Fitzherbert of Goldsborough was found dead, thought to have died when a large tree branch fell on him. He was formally an officer in the Indian Army.

 1884 Twenty-one casks of local wine was sent to Manchester by the Dunolly Wine Growers Association filling orders requested via wine samples sent some time ago.

 1940 Despite the unfavourable weather and restricted water supply the Dunolly State School held a flower show raising approx. 30 pounds for the schools patriotic fund.

October 29 Nganko Nyawiyu

1853 Commissioners Camp at Jones’ Creek gazetted for Petty Sessions and named Beverley, which failed to stick.

 1863 FROM THE EXPRESS. OCT. 29.) FATAL ACCIDENT IN A DRIVE.-A report reached Dunolly on Tuesday evening that five men had been smothered by the falling in of a claim at Burnt Creek. Three men-two of them named Barnes and Atkinson-were at work in a whim claim opposite Russell's store on Tuesday, when the ground suddenly gave way, burying one of them completely and almost smothering the other two. Of the men who escapad, one was working on the face of the drive, at the end furthest from the shaft, and the other at its entrance, The unfortunate man engaged in shovelling back the debris about mid-way between the shaft and the entrance of the drive, was crushed to death beneath the super-incumbent weight of earth that caved in, amounting to several tons. The man at work near the shaft was speedily extricated, but it took some two hours before the dead body was recovered and the third man was not reached until nearly ten hours subsequent to the accident.
His cries for assistance could be plainly heard by those engaged In removing the debris; and just before he was reached, almost suffocated for want of air, he summoned his failing strength and cried loudly, " For Gcd's sake pull me out ; I'm getting cold." He was soon afterwards rescued from his perilous position and conveyed, almost insensible, to the surface, being subsequently taken to the hospital where he now lies. We have since heard that the man rescued alive was got out by a drive put in from another shaft.
MISTAKEN FOR A BUSHRANGER -Violent assaults seem just now to be the order of the day.
Two were brought before the police court on Tuesday. The first was that of one Downing of Jones's Creek, who received a fracture of the collar bone by an assault committed on him. The second might have been of a far more serious nature,but luckily for the assailants, resolved itself into a fracture of the elbow, and few slight wounds. The circumstances of the latter case are curious enough. The prisoners, Irwin and Cross, who bear an excellent character, were asleep at about half-past eleven o'clock, on the evening of Monday, in adjoining tents, when they heard someone groping about outside. On their accosting the intruder, he inquired the way to Cochrane's when, taking him for a bushranger, they commenced belabouring the man, who was the worse for liquor, with sticks, and chased him across the creek, where he fell, and lay insensible within a few inches of the water. Mr Showler, jun., was awoke by the noise, and hastily dressing himself, jumped over the fence, and found the supposed bush-ranger, who turned out to be a Mr Thompson, of Cochrane's, lying in an unconscious state, apparently beaten to death besides being all but immersed in the water of the creek. Irwin and Cross had in the meantime gone to the camp, to give Thompson into custody as a bushranger; but when
the true state of the case was ascertained the tables were turned, and themselves locked up on the charge of a violent assault. Thompson, who was dripping wet, appeared to have been rolled in the creek. His injuries are not dangerous, the most serious being the fractured elbow.
 1881 Another forged crown grant found in Mr Jones possession at Mosquito after having spent 250 pounds on it, this being the 5th forged crown grant, three people in Dunolly and one in Moliagul being the others.

 1902 There was a fairly heavy fall of rain here this afternoon, 38 points being registered.

 1919 Following the example set by the school children at Maldon, the Dunolly State School children are also going barefoot ; parents say it will be a saving in boots, shoes, socks and the time spent darning socks!

 1934 Dunolly and district school sports were held at the Dunolly school with Dunolly A team winning the shield presented by the progress association and the Bet Bet school winning the silver cup given by Mrs Marksley of Eddington.

 1937 The Bet Bet Shire Council agreed to transfer the Dunolly electric supply to the State for £200 and voted £100 to Mr R Womersley shire secretary for the management of the undertaking.

 1966 Avoca to Ararat railway line reopened after being closed 8 July 1959.

October 28 Nganko Nyawiyu

1891 Dunolly Borough Council discussed the one man one vote proposition. At a meeting of the Dunolly Borough Council tonight, the "One Man One Vote ' question came up for discussion A strong expression of opinion was given against this proposal, and it was unanimously decided, on the motion of Councillors Desmond and Peters, to at once appeal to the Legislative Council through the members for the province to reject the clause

1899 Influenza had caused 2 deaths in the district with many employees at the Dunolly Hospital battling it, also.

 1917 His Lordship Bishop Foley paid his first official visit to Dunolly, and confirmed over 50 children. The Bishop delivered an eloquent address to the confirmees. On Tuesday afternoon his Lordship visited the convent school. A select musical programme was carried out by the pupils.

 1927 The Dunolly Hospital Ball realised a profit of 68 pounds while at the Dunolly State School a scholar swallowed a half-penny.

27 October, 2017

October 27 Nganko Nyawiyu

1864 St Andrews Presbyterian church opened.

1883 Heavy hail storm, cold and miserable weather.

 1885 Mr Boag, shire president, found an elderly man dead by the road at Natte Yallock. Deceased was James Grewar who had been ill for quite some time.

 1911 Earthquake felt at Bealiba at 12.50pm, shaking doors and windows and deep roaring sounds heard.

 1912 At the Bromley Sunday school Christmas party the beard of Father Christmas was accidentally set fire to, resulting in slight burns to the face of the boy playing Father Christmas.

 1937 The Back to Dunolly celebrations were postponed due to the health authorities suggesting it not be held during the polio epidemic currently in the area.

 1963 The new look Dunolly Hospital, in which the second storey has been removed, was reopened by Dr Lindell.
The remodelling cost 80,000 pounds.

October 26 Nganko Nyawiyu

1888 It’s reported that the crops are in such a poor condition at Dunolly and Inglewood that there would be no profit in harvesting them that the stock is being let loose in the crop fields.

 1889 The 7 yr old son of Dunolly railway gatekeeper Peart fell down a 30 foot mine shaft and was missing until his dog attracted attention and showed searchers where the boy was, lifted almost completely unhurt from the shaft.

 1889 The train which should have reached Dunolly at 12. 55 p m. to day was delayed by a peculiar incident, and did not arrive till 1.20 p m , being 25 minutes late. A short distance this side of the Bet Bet station a man was discovered kneeling with his head close to the line He remained in this attitude until the whole of the train had passed The train stopped, and returned to the spot, when it was found that the man was uninjured, and apparently unconcerned As it is stated that several men were watching this eccentric individual, it is supposed that his action was the result of a wager, or due to foolhardiness Some delay and inconvenience were caused, as the St Arnaud and Inglewood trains were both delayed After , ascertaining that the man was uninjured, the train came on at once, there being no time to make inquiries as to the reason for his action.

 1912 Licence reduction board sat in the court house and made the following awards- Man of Kent Hotel, Dunolly, Maldon Brewing Company 160 pounds,Juction Hotel Dunolly Mrs Davis owner and licensee 185 pounds, Telegraph Hotel Dunolly Mr Dillon 250 pounds Mr Brandie 45 pounds, Windsor Castle Hotel Dunolly Mrs Dingle 310 pounds Mr Giagins 85 pounds.

 1935 3rd Annual picnic of 27th district of RSL was held at Marong, with representatives from near and far including Dunolly. Well attended with prizes given for sports events of each sub-district.

 2013 Dunolly Reunion was held at the Dunolly Football Club Rooms, Deledio Reserve; a great number participated and a grand time was had by all.

October 25 Nganko Nyawiyu

1856 Daly’s Store at Long Gully was targeted by a woman, who claimed to have walked from Dunolly, as she passed a counterfeit 10 pound note when she purchased goods. The fraud was soon discovered and the woman traced to Dead Dog Gully where she was eventually arrested.

 1859 MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE.-Mr. Peter Sloane, who has figured several times lately at the Dunolly Police Court, in some disputes relative to claims on his private property, has been missing since Saturday 22nd, He left his house as usual that morning, apparently for the purpose of attending to his duties on the farm. Since then he has not been seen ; and although every search has been made, no traces of him have been discovered What makes the matter more strange is, that at the time he left, he had no money with him.

 1870 A French watchmaker, named Charpoit, has died at Dunolly, Vic, from a fit of apoplexy occasioned by hearing of the news of the French reverses.

The Maryborough Standard is responsible for the following story in relation to a ball recently held in one of the wards of the local hospital:—
"The room in which the dancing took place adjoined that in which were a number of sick patients, a door leading from one room to the other. During the revelry the spirit of one of the sick men took its flight—about the witching hour. To reach the dead-house they would probably encounter some of the festive throng, and a question arose as to the disposal of the body. At length it was decided to place it in the room through which access is gained to the tower. This was accordingly put into execution, the body being conveyed thither on a stretcher, covered over in the orthodox manner, and the door of the room locked against intrusion. 
So far, so good. 
Some time previously, however, a fair demoiselle from Maryborough, fatigued after the dance, put her self under the escort of a Dunolly gallant, who suggested a view of the township by night from the tower as a pleasant excursion, and an agreeable deviation from the routine proceeding. The proposal was assented to, and the couple were soon gazing at the starry heavens, and were lost to all that was passing below. At length a return to the dance room was considered advisable, else their absence might be commented on. Arrived in the room at the foot of the stairs, they were conscious of a change having taken place, as some object obstructed their further progress. A lucifer was struck, and a light shed on the ghastly corpse, before which the gallant paled and became dumb, while shrieks resounded from the fair one. Some time elapsed ere assistance arrived and the couple were relieved from their unpleasant position, who will scarcely venture again on midnight excursions in unknown localities."

1892 103 foxes have been destroyed since the last monthly meeting of the council, with 30 pounds paid in bonuses on the skins. Only a dozen of the pest were fully grown.

 1899 The Argus copy of the Encyclopaedia Britannica was made to the Laanecoorie Mechanics Institute, this was instigated by the Marong shire council with councillor Allan presenting a handsome wooden case for the books.

 1901 Great damage to crops from storm, many trees cut down by lightning with a large piece of tree trunk thrown a great distance..

 1947 Former Dunolly residents held a reunion at the Fitzroy gardens.

 2014 The Tilly Aston Memorial Centre was officially opened at Carisbrook.

October 24 Nganko Nyawiyu

1856 A prize fight at Dunolly between Joe Massey and Sambo with 20 pounds per side, after the 43rd round Sambo failed to come round in time and Massey was declared the winner.

 1861 Sir William and Lady Don appeared at Frayne’s Theatre, Dunolly.

 1890 Telegraphic communications were interrupted at Dunolly due to the boisterous weather blowing with hurricane force. A great many fruit and other trees were uprooted, young fruit dashed from the trees and damaged, a number of houses were unroofed and damaged, with heavy falls of rain throughout the day and numerous lucky escapes reported from falling trees.

 1910 William Whittaker, cordial manufacturer was charged with not having labels on his lemonade bottles. fined 1 pound.

 1938 At the inquest on Tuesday at Dunolly into the murder of, .Robert Grey and Charles Bunney, whose bodies were found in a room in the delicensed Windsor Castle Hotel on October 3 , 33 witnesses will probably be called.
Bunney, who was 54 years of age and a returned soldier pensioner, and Gray,73 years of age, an old-age pensioner,wore discovered, with their skulls split,soon after the crime was committed,Thomas William Johnson, 40 years,laborer, who has been charged with murder, will appear in custody at an-inquest, which will be held before the deputy coroner (Mr. Belcher, J.P.). Johnson was remanded in the City Court on Saturday until next Saturday

October 23 Nganko Nyawiyu

1869 "The rain which fell in this town and district on Saturday last"  writes the Express,"
was the heaviest downpour which has occurred here for a great number of years,and great is the devastation which it has caused. Commencing soon after midnight on Saturday morning, it continued in one cease-less steady fall until about 11 o'clock, when it ceased for a short time, but only to commence again, and it did not actually terminate until some time on Sunday morning. Much damage and destruction to fences, growing crops, and gardens has been caused along the whole course of the Burnt Creek to its confluence with the Bet Bet, and down that again to the Loddon, which carried an immense stream of water, some of the paddocks on the low-lying flats on its banks below Eddington being completely submerged.Nearly all the bridges in the neighbourhood and for miles round sustained more or less damage, that on the Avoca-road, near Mellon's garden, being for a time quite impassable. At Burnt Creek, too, the creek rose very high, the bridges near Mrs. Wigham's hotel and Russell Brothers' store being for a considerable time very dangerous to cross.The mail coach, which leaves here at half-past2 p.m., managed to get a mile or two beyond Nevin's bridge, but in consequence of the flooded nature of the creeks beyond that could not proceed any further, even though the driver tried the telegraph line of roads, and the mails were detained here until Sunday morning. Whilst, however, much damage has been done to individuals, we think that the general good which will accrue to the country at large from such a copious supply of the element of which it was in so much need, will more than counterbalance its ill effects."

 1884 Good rains fell during the week which has helped the crops no end.

 1884 A rifle match took place between Dunolly and Carisbrook clubs at the Dunolly butts; Dunolly used Martini-Henri rifles while the visitors used Enfield rifles and won by 77 points.