Dunolly and District

15 September, 2017

September 15 Nganko Nyawiyu

1865 The Little Britain Company, at Gooseberry Hill, obtained 60 ozs of gold from seven loads of washdirt which was purchased by the Bank of Victoria.

 1882 A meeting of the Vine and Fruit Growers Association was held in the Town Hall to frame rules and elect officers and a committee; there was a great interest in the proceedings and success of the association seems assured.

 1887 Two men working on the Dunolly to Inglewood railway line unearthed a nugget worth more than 1000 pounds.

 1932 14 pounds and 2 bags of registered mail was stolen from the Dunolly railway station office.

 2016 While creek levels had dropped further rain and winds threatened further flooding across the district.

September 14 Nganko Nyawiyu

1874 The body of a man was found to-day in the bush, hanging to the limb of a tree. At an inquest held the medical evidence showed that from wounds on the body a murder had been.perpetrated. A sum of eight pounds seventeen shillings was found on the body.From a book and receipt found in the man's pocket, the name appears to be Louis Shiedemann. The inquest has been adjourned for fourteen days, on the application of the police.

1876 A young man, James Taylor, fell down a winch in the Queen’s Birthday Company’s mine severely injuring his knee. Weather very wet, thundery and squally.

1893 Constant rain with heavy showers and hail today, plenty of milk and butter but crops and grasses very poor.

 1914 Steam car running between Maryborough and St Arnaud broke down at Dunolly which delayed all rail traffic for 90 mins.

 1918 Mr Herbert Beasy reported his daughter missing after she had gone to gather flowers on the hills with 2 other girls. A search was immediately started but a phone message from Mrs Morris at Goldsborough reported her safe and sound, having wandered 8 miles.

 2016 Heavy rains resulted in flood waters cutting Dunolly off from all travel in and out of town in all directions.

September 13 Nganko Nyawiyu

1856 The accounts from Dunolly, during the last few days, have not by any means been so encouraging as usual. Numbers of diggers have returned, who state that hundreds are walking about idle, and that when a hole is being bottomed scores surround the place watching the result. The number of the population has evidently far exceeded the capabilities of the place, and if the influx continues the consequences are likely to be disastrous.

 1864 Wanted; Young man for general store. Testimonials indispensable. Apply before the 26th inst., to James Bell.

 1864 The Govt Gazette announced that the whole of the borough of Dunolly was to be a district wherein beer licenses may be granted.

 1873 Frayne’s Commercial and Family hotel was offered for sale again at 750 pounds..

 1882 Dunolly winemakers hope to secure experienced and skilled labour from France or Germany.

Foxes becoming numerous in the Ballarat district.

 1953 Former postmistress Miss Maguire passed away aged 86.

September 12 Nganko Nyawiyu

1860 A public meeting of the ratepayers of Dunolly was called at Fraynes Commercial Hotel in Broadway for the purpose of electing a member of council to serve in the place vacated by Councillor Page on his resignation.

 1864 A Lucky Find and an Unlucky Spill.— A party at Mount Moliagul, while employed in washing out an old puddling machine, on Tuesday last, came across a piece of gold, worth about sixty or seventy pounds.. On the following day they visited Dunolly and disposed of their nugget. Whether  it was through being elated at their success, or owing to the strength of the Dunolly liquors, we will not undertake to say, but their mental faculties soon be came greatly disordered. And it was remarked by several, as they were seen driving out of town, on their way home, that they would be lucky if they reached Moliagul without meeting with an accident. It appears that they arrived about as far as Inkermann in safety, when one of the wheels of the waggon rnnning into a rut, one of the party, John Saunders, was jerked out, and sustained a simple fracture of the right thigh. He was token to the Dunolly Hospital that night. Dr. Macgregor set the broken limb, and the man is now doing well.

 1876 A hay and corn store belonging to Mrs Wigham of the Junction Hotel was destroyed by fire, the hotel had a narrow escape and would have caught alight but for the plentiful supply of water and many willing hands. The loss was estimated between 400 to 700 pounds.

 1877 It was decided to hold the hosital fete on November 9th as usual. 

 1877 This morning a miner going for a billy of water found an 8 oz nugget exposed by the rain. A nugget weighing 40 oz, found near Dunolly last week by a miner named Welch, was sold at Maryborough, it is supposed with a view to keep the find a secret.

 1881 According to a Dunolly paper William Boyd, died in the Dunolly Hospital the other day, our contemporary adds :--" It is said that this man has, since he has been in Victoria, been the possessor of a ton weight of gold, having obtained more than his own weight of the precious metal within a period of six months." A ton weight of gold at £4 per ounce would realise something like £107,520, and if William succeeded in spending that amount in the usual fashion of lucky miners, it would not be unreasonable to expect him to die.

 1894 Annual sports day held at Laanecoorie with horse, foot and cycle races through out the day.

 1932 An unemployed returned soldier, David Wams, doing relief work with a forestry gang near Dunolly found a gold nugget weighing more than 26oz.

 1937 The Annual Dunolly and District Hospital Ball was held with great success, with the supper arrangements supervised by Mrs Dawson.

 1993 Dunolly Railway Station was closed to the Vinelander Rail Service.

September 11 Nganko Nyawiyu

1874 A locomotive and tender went out to test the holding weight of the bridge over Bet Bet creek with the deflection being 1/3 of an inch. Maryborough to Dunolly is 13 miles, travel is within 20 mins by rail.

 1877 A miner, Tinley, was found down a mine hole at Dunolly and was thought to be injured in the spine.

 1908 A local land board meeting considered abolishing the Moliagul Common but the land managers stated action would be taken to eradicate the common of vermin with the decision to leave it for 12 months and consider the situation at the future date.

 1914 DUNOLLY. FAILURE TO DIP SHEEP. At the Police Court on Thursday Geo. R. Tuckett, of Betley, was charged with having failed to comply with the Act, in that he had not had his sheep dipped immediately after shearing nor within the period allowed. Defendant admitted the offence, but he had been under the impression it was not necessary if the sheep were not exposed for sale. Under the circumstances, Mr Berryman, PM, said he would inflict a small fine of 20/. No costs were asked for. 
HOSPITAL BALL The annual Hospital Ball on Wednesday night was most successful, a large gathering being present, and a pleasant time spent. The tables were artistically decorated with flags, etc., in keeping with patriotic feeling now prevailing. 
SORE THROATS. A number of children were sent home from the State school on Thursday suffering from sore throats.

 1963 The Dunolly Hospital finished the year with a deficit of 1470 pounds but this was due to the renovations which were almost finished.

10 September, 2017

September 10 Nganko Nyawiyu

1931 A prospector found a gold nugget at Waanyarra weighing 17 1/4 oz, this was the same prospector (a susso worker) who found a 58oz nugget on August 20.

 1942 Dunolly District Bush Fire Brigade was formed.

1983 The flood threat in other parts of the State had eased and stabilised by the afternoon as emergency crews began massive cleaning-up operations.
At Casterton, Coleraine and Hamilton inthe west, the flooding had abated and five families which had evacuated were allowed to return home.
It was a similar situation at Dunolly and Glenorchy in the Central Highlands, with two evacuated families returning to their homes.
The danger was likely to continue for several days as floodwaters flowed down rivers.

September 9 Nganko Nyawiyu

1861 Havelock Post office (1) closed after a record breaking 8 days.

1861 It was declared by Executive Council that the streets, their width, names, breadth and foot ways of Dunolly were made by Order, according to the Act.

 1881 A Govt appointed board looking into the storage of explosives on the Goldfields has just returned from Dunolly where large quantities of explosives are to be found stored on private property involving much danger to the public. Magazines for storage are urgently needed.

 1885 Splendid rain fallen today to benefit crops looking sickly, recent late frosts damaged much of the fruit blossoms on trees.

1929 A rush to Rheola to prospect for gold was reported although mining officials stated alluvial gold had proved patchy in the area in the past.

 1936 The Dunolly and District Hospital Ball was held with great success, visitors came from Maryborough, Moliagul, Eddington and Tarnagulla.

September 8 Nganko Nyawiyu

1856 About 9am the cashbox, containing 68ozs of gold and 40 pounds in cash, from the store of Prior and Creig was stolen by a man who bought a red blanket from the store then walked behind the counter while the store was empty and hid the cashbox in the blanket before leaving.

 1882 Hail ‘as large as hazel nuts’ fell all over Tarnagulla.

 1884 The temporary reservation, from Sept 1872, of 1 rood of land in the municipal district of Dunolly for a Temperance Hall is to be revoked.

A very pleasing ceremony took place at the Bromley State school. No. 55, when Miss Parker, assistant teacher, On behalf of the staff and scholars, in a very neat speech. presented Mr. R. Clanchy (head teacher) and Mrs. Clanchy (on the eve of removal to their new sphere in Geelong East) with a very handsome cut glass jam server, etc.. beautifully mounted in silver and mother of pearl.. Miss Parker's remarks were most appreciative of Mr. Clanchy's able and successful work as head teacher, and of Mrs. Clanchy's kindness and helpfulness. Mr. Clanchy replied in a most feeling speech on behalf of Mrs. Clanchy and himself, and it was very evident the children were deeply affected by the prospect of the very near departure of Mr. and Mrs. Clanchy. On the call of Miss Parker three very hearty cheers were given for Mr. and Mrs. Clanchy. ,Cheers wero also given for Miss Parker, who has been connected with the school for a number of years, and has been a most painstaking and conscientious teacher. Mr. and Mrs. Clanchy carry with them the most cordial good wishes of the entire community for health, happiness and continued success. Mr. Clanchy has been over twenty years in this district, and both at Middlebridge arid Bromley as head teacher he gained the entire confidence and the strong regard of parents and scholars. The reports periodically given have proved Mr. Clanchy to have been eminently successful in his duties, the children making great progress under his able and tactful tuition. He will be missed from amongst us in many ways. In Mrs. Clanchy he had a sympathetic helper, and both gained general respect, esteem and regard in all relations here.

1917 DEATH OF OLD PIONEER, Mr William Bullock, one of the oldest residents of the town, died on Saturday, The deceased was a native of Norfolk, and arrived in the State in the early 50's He was at the Bendigo rush, where he was fairly successful|, He afterwards went to Moliagul and resided there some time and then settled in Dunolly about 50 years ago. For years he was contracting and water carting but for many years has occupied his time in driving out commercial travellers by whom he was greatly liked. He was the oldest member of the local lodge of Oddfellows joining in 1866 and was also one if the founders of the fire brigade. He leaves a daughter and a brother. His wife died 17 years ago.

 1925 The Dunolly and District Hospital Ball was held, the most successful yet with 100 couples enjoying the evening.

 1933 Thieves stole 58 feet of camel-hair driving belt, valued at 30 pounds, from Games sawmill at the Dunolly R/S. Contemptible theft as the two young lads are working the mill to support their widowed mother and her family.

 1977 Mr Tim Raven, 52, and his nephew, Mr Leon Raven,41, of Dunolly, central Victoria, have found a 15-centimetres long, 340-gram gold nugget believed to be worth more than $1,000. They have been mining for many years.

September 7 Ngank Nyawiyu

1856 Primitive Methodist Chapel opened on the site now occupied by Uniting Church.

 1868 Michael and Mary Hughes owners of ‘Hughes Store’ lost their home and business when the store burnt down in Dunolly.

 1872 The first sod for the Dunolly-Castlemaine railway was dug by Mr Gillies Minister for Railways at Castlemaine.

 1882 Mr Levey met with the members of the Dunolly Vine and Fruit Growers Association to which he explained the particulars of the Amsterdam Exhibition.

 1886 A blind lad from Dunolly, Robert Hancock, was admitted to the Victorian Asylum and School for the Blind on the recommendation of James Bell MLC.

 1921 At the police court at Dunolly a chap from Mildura named Lewis was charged with travelling in a first class carriage of the train from Melbourne on a second class ticket, fined 2 pounds. Mrs Murphy of Bromley gave herself a nasty mischief when the axe she was using slipped and cut her left ankle.

 1938 The Queen Carnival organised to raise funds to wipe out the 500 pound overdraft of the Dunolly and District Hospital with 934 pounds 2 shillings and 7 pence raised, town hall packed and Miss Margaret Taig of Tarnagulla was crowned as Queen.

September 6 Nganko Nyawiyu

1867 Frayne’s Commercial and Family Hotel offered for sale in The Argus, with bars, parlours, dining, billiards rooms and theatre with scenery, furniture and stables, for 400 pounds cash balance at 12.5 % per annum. Trade guaranteed to 50 pounds weekly.

1916 The Queen Competition in aid of the Dunolly District Hospital was concluded today. There were five Queens; Miss Niven of Natteyallock (Farmers), Miss Manly of Bealiba (Friendly Societies), Mrs Belcher (Red Cross), Miss M. Joy (Commerce) and Miss K Lyndon (Music). The final results gave Miss Lyndon the position of Queen, Miss Niven was second, the total for the hospital was 593 pounds, 11/3.

1921 The borough and shire councils had chosen to erect a memorial to the towns fallen soldiers in front of the post office however Messers Bell and company have offered the council an allotment of land which adjoins the post office for that purpose, a meeting will be held to discuss the offer.

 1929 The annual Dunolly and District Hospital Ball was held with more than 300 persons attending who'd travelled from far distances.

 1971 Vic Ed Dept announced school directorates to govern regional schools to decentralise administration, with Dunolly, Maryborough, Skipton, Ballan, Ararat and Stawell included in the area measuring 150 miles long and 100 miles wide.