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12 July, 2014



Our NEW market will be held on Sunday, 13 July 2014.
The market will be situated on Broadway and in the Rene Fox Gardens beside the Town Hall.
Come along and support the people of our Dunolly Kindergarten who will be running the BBQ.
There will be 30 stalls with lots of bargains to purchase.

The new market committee is working to make the market a special event each month.
Shortly a suggestion box will be located somewhere in the town for you to put in any ideas you have for improving it.


If you are planning on having a garage sale this year we will be organizing a Whole Town Garage Sale event in Dunolly on Saturday 4 October.
Maps and balloons will be given out depicting where each garage sale is and the cost to register is $10.00.
This includes maps, balloons and advertising.
So get your unwanted stuff together and register your interest with us and have a garage sale on 4 October.
Want more information?
Phone 54681511
email: admin@dunnhc.com.au
Sharon Hiley Coordinator

11 July, 2014

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN TOURISM? Dunolly and District Inc.

Northern Goldfields Tourism Inc. has, for the last seven years, worked tirelessly to promote Dunolly and the surrounding district. The successful Tiny Towns tourist brochure and map, campaigning to rebuild the road through Bell’s Swamp and advocating with other groups to have an ATM installed in Dunolly are some of its achievements.
With the recent inception of Dunolly and District Inc. and its similar, but broader objectives to develop town and district events, increase business growth, develop arts, culture and tourism in the district, support community organisations to achieve their objectives and represent the interests of the broader community, the committee and members of Northern Goldfields Tourism Inc. decided to amalgamate with Dunolly and District Inc. 
Dunolly and District Inc. will now be the local tourism association for Dunolly and surrounds.
The first Annual General Meeting of Dunolly and District Inc. will be held on Wednesday 6 August 2014, 5.00 pm at Wright on Broadway [127 Broadway].
Anyone who isinterested in tourism and promotion of the area is welcome to join DDI.
The membership fee is $50.
Please contact Fiona Lindsay,
Marion Da Costa,
if you are interested.

Dunolly Museum History Tour. A Time Travellers Vision of Havelock.

Dunolly Museum History Tour.
A Time Travellers Vision of Havelock.
Here we will hear gripping accounts of the 1858 Havelock goldrush , see the site of one of the districts most infamous murders and subsequent vigilante riots as well as viewing some of the out-of-way places within the Havelock State Forest.
Monday September 15.
Meet at Dunolly Museum, Broadway, at 10am.
BYO lunch, hat, chair & drink.
We will be travelling by private car and car pooling as much as possible.
Cost - Members $5, non-members $10.
For further details contact John Tully 0428178669

05 April, 2014

Dunolly History Tour Easter Monday April 21 2014

THE GOOSEBERRY HILL RUSH TOUR will be conducted on Easter Monday (21st April) by the Goldfields Historical & Arts Society (Dunolly). 
Looking at the Gooseberry Hill & south Dunolly major rushes. 
Stories from a Chinese camp, the hotels, rich gold finds & murder - all taking place within 2km of Dunolly. 
Travelling in your private car. BYO lunch. 
Leaving from Dunolly Museum at 10am sharp.
 For further details contact John Tully on 04281 78669.

Gooseberry Hill is near to Burnt Creek, this would be an ideal time for those with interests to come along, meet some great people (no strangers on Dunolly History Tours, only friends you haven't met yet!) and glean some fab info!

29 January, 2014

January 29 Bealiba got lawful.

A site for police purposes was reserved in the township of Bealiba on this day.


4.5 million bushels of wheat were transported to Dunolly by Victorian Railways.

18 January, 2014

January 18 Murders at Dunolly

It is most Improbable that the State Ministry will reverse its recommendation to the Governor In Council that sentence of death passed on Thomas William Johnson, aged 40 years, for the murder of two men at a delicensed hotel at Dunolly on October 3 should be carried out. Unless a reprieve is granted, Johnson will be hanged at Pentridge at 8 a.m. on Monday.
The Chief Secretary and Attorney General (Mr. Bailey) told a deputation yesterday that he could hold out little hope that the sentence of the Court would not be executed. It was impossible to call a special meeting of Cabinet, but he would discuss the representations with the Premier and other Ministers who were In Melbourne.
The deputation, which was introduced by the leader of the State Labour Parliamentary party (Mr. Cain), comprised representatives of the Federal and State Labour parties, the Trades Hall Council, and the secretary of the social service department of the Churches of Christ (the Rev. W. H. Clay).
Members of the deputation urged that hanging was not a deterrent to murder, and was repugnant to the Australian people.
"This is not a matter for the Government or the Governor in Council," Mr. Bailey said. "It is a matter for Parliament. The death penalty is prescribed by law, and it is for the people to say whether the law should be altered. The only responsibility of the Governor in Council is to decide whether the law shall take its course. The Cabinet went very thoroughly into the case, and it was only after mature consideration that it recommended to the Governor in Council that the law should take its course."

16 January, 2014

January 16 Neighbours working together

A farmer at Betley, Mr Hole, was carting in hay when he fell from the load and the cart passed over him before the horses could be stopped, breaking 2 ribs. His neighbours have organised a working bee to finish his harvest.

15 January, 2014

January 15 Hot, stormy and theft!

A dreadful day 110 degrees with a strong northerly blowing clouds of dust and fruit from trees.


A rascal at Dunolly, this week, accomplished a feat that all the police in New South Wales were unable to effect, by sticking up the celebrated bush- ranger Frank Gardiner, and robbing him of his revolver. A collection of waxworks was being exhibited at Frayne's Theatre, and amongst them was the representation of this colonial Claude Duval, revolver in hand, supposed to be in the very act of politely re- questing some unfortunate traveller to " level up;" and we are informed that some indi- vidual, doubtless in a state of happy ignorance as to the existence of the old rule of meum and tuum, went in in the night with the intention of purloining the pistol, and finding that he was unable to wrest it from the hand of the figure, actually broke off the hand, and carried it away with the revolver. It was certainly an audacious proceeding. The model will have to be sent to Melbourne to be repaired.


Heavy electrical storm lightning struck the wires in a fence between properties of Councillor McPherson and Mr Howard at Betley. A small grass fire began but was extinguished by the efforts of neighbours and showers.

13 January, 2014

January 13 Stay indoors and drink water

OLD RESIDENT'S DEATH. Mr John Holt, more familiarly known as "Cockney Jack," one of the oldest residents in the district, passed away on Tuesday morning, aged 81 years. He was a native of London, and well connected. He served his time as a ship's carpenter, but the news of gold discoveries brought deceased to Victoria in the early fifties. He was fairly successful in mining, but afterwards took to carpentry, which he followed till a short time ago. He lost heavily some years ago in mining speculations. He was a most genial, intelligent, and conversant man, a great favourite, and unmarried.


Telegraph poles in the Dunolly rs carrying 8 trunk lines, 2 Morse telegraph lines, 5 subscribers telephone lines were burnt with services interrupted for several hours. 100 tons of wood, valued at 750 pounds, was also destroyed, when it was stacked at the mill near the station owner by Mr Lionel Akers.

12 January, 2014

January 12 Dreadful bushfires

A bush fire has been raging all day in the ranges to west of Dunolly. It started at a place called Lock’s Paddock, about six miles off and during the afternoon kept advancing in the direction of Dunolly. A very high wind blowing in this direction, the fire burned fiercely, but chiefly in the ranges among the timber on the Crown lands. The grass is high in places, and the fire is fed by great quantities of dead timber in the shape of tree tops cut by woodcutters, which are a source of danger all over the bush. The police and a number of residents of the town went out and assisted the settlers to keep back the flames from private property. Their exertions so far (8 o'clock) have been fairly successful, although a good deal of fencing and grass has been burnt, the course of the fire seems [to] have altered with a change of wind, and it appears now to be going more in the direction of Goldsborough.

A serious fire broke out in the farm of Mr. Betts, Archdale, near Bealiba, at 1 o’clock this morning, and travelled in the direction of Cameron’s Station, doing considerable damage in its course. It is supposed to have originated in Mr. Betts's yard through the ashes of a fire used on Sunday evening for domestic purposes. Mr. Betts is said to have lost considerably, several stacks of hay and other property having been destroyed.

11 January, 2014

January 11 " an orgie of a disreputable kind "

George James, aka Pilkington, was brought up at the police court to day before Mr C. W. Carr, P M , and Mr. R. Ritchie, J P , on remand, charged with a criminal offence upon a widow named Helen Cochrane. The evidence showed that the woman was under the influence of drink, and that the prisoner was also drunk After hearing the evidence, the chairman said that there was nothing in it on which he could commit the prisoner, It appeared the whole affair had been an orgie of a disreputable kind. The prisoner was discharged. There was a third charge against the prisoner of stealing various articles of jewellery, etc, from a dwelling house near Mary borough, and on the application of Inspector Rennie he was remanded to that place.

10 January, 2014

January 10 Stick em up!

A curious case of sticking-up occurred on Sunday, between Dunolly and the Bet Bet. Mr. Henry Ford, of Mount Moliagul, was walking on this road to Maryborough, when, about two miles out of Dunolly, a man rushed out at him from the bush and demanded his money. Ford, however, being armed with a stout stick, which had formerly served as a handle to a rake, and not " seeming to see it," knocked the fellow over by a well directed blow under the ear, but another assailant appearing on the instant, Ford took to his heels, and got away.

09 January, 2014

January 9 Never see a man about a dog in Dunolly

The heat was excessive at Dunolly with it reaching 110 degrees in the shade. Wheat was arriving in large quantities.


Tender accepted by Victorian Railways from P. Lester of 22 pounds, 3 shillings and 4 pence for erection of passenger platform and shelter sheds at Number 40 gate on the Maryborough-Dunolly line.


A young man named Cerchie, living at Moliagul was climbing over a wire fence when the wire sprang and threw him heavily to the ground, breaking his collarbone, he was admitted to the Dunolly Hospital.


Whilst arguing with another man about a dog Stanley House, who is receiving Susso (sustenance) was severely injured about the head with an axe, he is in the Dunolly Hospital.

08 January, 2014

January 8 Stuff and more stuff in Dunolly

Several cases of measles in adults and children have been reported but no deaths.


Mellon’s Wine Shop was found to be in flames, supposedly the work of an incendiary, but the fire was able to be doused before it spread to further buildings and the wine shop saved.


Mr Grant MLA and Mr Bell MLC waited upon the Minister for Agriculture on behalf of the Committee for the Dunolly Agricultural Show and asked that some of the Agriculture Societies Grant be given to them for their first show to be held this year – the reply being that if there was any money left over after it was apportioned out they would see if they could spare some for the Dunolly Show.


 Over 50 applications have been made for the old-age pension from persons in Dunolly but only 17 were sent.


A severe storm caused havoc at Dunolly and Bromley with many orchards and houses wrecked, a large number of roads and culverts damaged. Mr Willcox, licensee of the Junction Hotel at South Dunolly had the roof ripped from his double storey hotel with the ceilings, furniture, clothing, bedding and pictures destroyed by water. Stables, sheds, dairy and fruit trees at the rear were completely destroyed, many houses and businesses were unroofed with several chimneys blown down.

07 January, 2014

January 7 Pumpkin Beetles!!!!

100 pounds and free pardon to any accomplice was offered by the Chief Secretary’s office from the government for information as to the murders of Hugh McLean and Robert Dunlop who were found murdered between Dunolly and Jones Creek.

60oz nugget was found at Jones’ Creek only 14ft from the surface, sold to the London Chartered Bank.

It was reported that Pumpkin Beetles were doing a great deal of damage to the plants and flowers in and around Dunolly.

At the annual meeting of the Dunolly Progress Association Mr Strafford was reelected president, with the balance sheet showing receipts of 28 pounds.

Messers Williams and Kinsman who have been prospecting near Wild Duck halfway between Dunolly and Eddington, have struck payable gold.

06 January, 2014

January 6 Unpleasant day all over the district

A bagatelle proprietor from Maryborough was returning from Dunolly when he was surrounded by 3 ruffians who were all armed; he was told to stand and deliver by one while another struck him with a heavy object cutting open his forehead. He spurred his horse and took off and escaped without further injury. Although shots were fired at him he was not hit.


 Incendiary at Swanwater with entire crops lost by elderly Mr Amor.


George Pelkington was arrested at Dunolly on a charge of committing a criminal assault on a widow named Cochran, who lives near the Dunolly railway station The accused was lodged in the Maryborough gaol last evening, pending the hearing of the case at Dunolly on Wednesday next.


DUNOLLY, SUNDAY. The Inglewood train last night, when near Llanelly, knocked down a woman named O’Keefe, over 60 years old, a resident of the district, throwing her a considerable distance. The train was pulled up and the woman was placed in the van, but died before reaching Dunolly. She was terribly injured, her jaw, arm, and leg being broken. She leaves a large family. The train was nearly an hour late in consequence of the accident.


The position of matron was advertised at Dunolly Hospital.